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21 Twitter Tools to Bulk Follow and Unfollow Twitter Users

Twitter is full of automated or computer aided Twitter accounts that might take you to adult sites full of spammers and phishing attacks and growing list of such Twitter followers is hard to manage as it is difficult to identify twitter spammers.

Some twitter followers might not be tweeting since long and following those users will not generate any traffic or sales lead. Unfollowing such twitter profiles one by one is very annoying and time consuming activity.

Tools for the Modern Front End Developer’s Workflow

Tools for the Modern Front End Developer’s Workflow

Front end web developers hold a great responsibility to craft pixel-perfect layouts that run properly in all web browsers. Over time this has become easier with more advanced browsers and greater development tools.

While everyone knows about HTML and CSS, fewer people know about Sass and Haml. Front end development continues to advance with each passing year and it’s the role of the developer to stay on top of these changes.